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10 Colourful Suits For Your Holi Look

Holi is a time when colours not only paint the sky but also our attire. As the festival of colours approaches, the excitement of choosing the perfect outfit that complements the essence of Holi becomes exciting. It is such a nice occasion to put on lively outfits that somehow share the fancy mood and jolly celebration. If this is exactly what you are looking for, try classic yet trendy suits that will appeal to you. No more worries for you. Stylum has a crafty range of suits in attractive colours that are all for your Holi look.

From fluorescent green to flaming red suit set for women, the range of choice is really stunning. However, finding a suitable combination of comfort, style, and brightness of colours can be quite a hard job for most people. Keeping in mind that you might find it easier, we have created a list of the ten best colourful suits that will ensure your Holi look is on point.

These suits are not only about wearing festive colours but also about showing your own style. So, make sure you are ready for some colourful clothes, fun designs, and interesting clothing that will definitely put a smile on your face as Holi approaches.

Experience Colours of Holi with Stylum's Suit Collection

1. Embroidered Anarkali Suit Set

A traditional embroidered Anarkali Suit Set is for people who want to blend a conservative style with a touch of class. Delicate embroidery, commonly done in gold or silver, stylishly fills vivid colours such as royal blue, fuchsia, or emerald green, making it a perfect outfit for Holi. Anarkali pleats flare out, giving it a reach-out festive touch of the Anarkali. Complement it with a necklace of statement earrings and bracelets to finish the outfit.

2. Lehariya Printed Sharara Set

The Lehariya Printed Sharara Set, inspired by the waves of the sand in the deserts of Rajasthan, is infused with a beautiful and mesmerising tie-dye effect. The colours of these sets often look like a rainbow, with blazing bright yellows, happy pinks, and greens that would be a perfect choice for Holi. The combination of tradition and comfort that the sharara pants provide gives the ideal outfit for whatever the day entails, festivities with movement and everything in between. Accessories like jhumkas and silver bangles add a certain elegance to this outfit specifically, without any extra effort.

3. Tiered Kurta Set

The Tiered Kurta Set adds an element of playfulness to your Holi outfit. The multiple tiers, combined with the beautiful lace outline, creates a movement and rhythm that are very characteristic of this joyful day. These kurtas tend to be in eye-catching colours, and they are often decorated with playful prints or delicate details that help portray the festive mood. The kurta set is tiered, so it is the perfect outfit for girls who want to combine comfort with style. Complete the look with bangles and earrings coloured today for a cheerful feeling.

4. Flared Suit Sets

The flared suit sets are the ultimate representation of festivity and freedom, encapsulating the soul of Holi. The staging most frequently involves bright, solid colours with a slight touch of print or embroidery, making the borders beautiful. However, these gaucho pants are not just to make you feel fashionable. The wide flares can enhance your movement and make you feel as if you're dancing when you are still. These suits are suitable for all those looking for simple drama in their party costume.

5. Bandhej Printed Anarkali Kurta Pant Set

The Tie-dye technique of the Bandhej Printed Anarkali Kurta Pant Set stands out from the other hand-made patterns and is visually appealing. Such fantastic outfits, which have bright and contrasting colours, also possess the essence of the Holi festive refinery. The Anarkali traditional outfit is known for its free-flowing silhouette, which gives a lady a beautiful look while also making her comfortable during the festivities. You can also add ethnic jewellery to give you that traditional look.

6. Straight Kurta Sharara Set

The Straight Kurta Sharara Set infuses simplicity with the festive element. Shifting from the straight-cut kurta to the fullness of the sharara, we can calm the look to a smart & elegant one while at the same time adorning us with a wonderful festive look. This dress strikes a balance between the theatre and the daily, which is so attractive for those who prefer to look like a catwalk but not like a real party pub crawler. The canvas comes in various colours and prints so that the styles can diversify for each occasion. Finish up your look by either picking a necklace or the chandbali earrings that reflect some spasm of glamour.

7. Short Kurti and Sharara set

The Short Kurti and Sharara Set is just the ticket for a fun and young vibe. The short kurta, with a casual and chic style, makes the dress look totally attractive, while the sharara adds to the natural flowy atmosphere. The comfortable clothes and open neck tee with 'HOLI' printed on them are perfect for a more easy-going celebration; however, this would allow one to move freely and would also be worn comfortably throughout the day. Be sure to use bright colours and fun prints as the ultimate manifestation of the carnival atmosphere. Match the outfit with trendy accessories that will fit well with hoop earrings and stackable bracelets so that the look is still modern and never gets boring.

8. Pleated Kurta Sharara Set

A Pleated Kurta Sharara set not only adds vibrance but also brings out the depth and texture of the regular Sharara set. Through the luxury of pleats, we introduce a tiny detail to the design that gives it a sophisticated vibe that doesn’t get lost in the crowd of festive clothes anytime soon. The attire of the Holi festival often appears in calm pastels with embroidery or prints as a contrast that complements the festive aspect of Holi and achieves a symbiosis of style and substance. Top up this look with elegant pieces of jewellery for an overall harmonious effect.

9. Straight Kurta Pant Set

The Straight Kurta Pant Set is definitely the one for understated elegance. This outfit is specially tailored for all fans of simplicity who obviously want to experience the excessive-looking style at this festival. The modern twist of cropped or slim-fit Kurta sets with jeans is a perfect look for the festival of Holi. Go for strong colours or mild prints, which, if they are done right, can match the theme of the holiday. It is finalised with simplified jewellery and a sleek hairstyle.

10. Printed Anarkali Sets

For those who prefer a mix of modern and classic styles, the Anarkali suit Set in printed material is a perfect match. In addition to the variations from floral to geometric, the Anarkali sets, with their distinct shapes, have taken a contemporary aspect. The design involves colourful prints with flowing fabric that becomes fresh and trendy and fits well with the environment of the festival of Holi. To complete the look, these patterns can be paired with or without jewellery accents, depending on the level of attention you want to place on the patterns.


As Holi, the festival of colours, approaches, picking the right outfit becomes an exciting part of the celebrations. These ten colourful suits we have discussed not only guarantee to make you stand out but also ensure you are soaked in the festive spirit, adorned in vibrant hues and eye-catching designs. Whether you prefer a classic look with a modern twist or something more avant-garde, there's something for everyone. Celebrating Holi in style doesn't just mean throwing colours, but it's about reflecting the festive joy and vibrancy through what you wear.

At Stylum, we understand the importance of wearing something that's not only festive but also comfortable and stylish. Our range of suits is crafted with the spirit of Holi celebrations in mind, allowing you to make a statement while you enjoy the festivities. Check out the selection today to discover the perfect suit set for yourself.

Embrace the spectrum of possibilities these suits offer, making your Holi unforgettable. Remember, Holi is not just a festival; it's a feeling. Let your outfit this year be a canvas, showcasing the joy, excitement, and myriad of colours that define this enchanting festival.

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