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Step into Summer in Style: Cotton Co-ord Sets for Women

Although coordinated sets, or "co-ord sets," have been around for a while, they haven't become very well-known until recent trends brought them back into mainstream fashion. Co-ord sets, which initially became popular with matching women's tops and bottoms in the 1960s and 1970s, have since evolved into a broad range of designs, materials, and shapes.

Since they are the most comfortable solution for ladies who are constantly on the go, coord sets for women are now in style. A cotton co-ord set is a summer staple that every working lady should own. Ladies, don't be worried. We offer some of the best cotton co-ord sets women for ladies that will keep you cool in this hot weather while also making you appear gorgeous.

These cotton co-ord sets are great for creating stylish yet relaxed summer outfits, whether you are dressing for a weekend vacation, a laid-back brunch, or a day out with friends. Let's look at some of the newest and chicest cotton coord sets that Stylum has to offer for your summer wardrobe.

Discover Summer Fashion: Cotton Co-ord Sets by Stylum

1. Solid Cotton Blend Co-Ord Set

This light blue co-ord set has a crop top with 3/4-sleeve sleeves, a slit in the front of the kurti, and pink button embellishments. It's the perfect option for summertime because of its soft cotton mix fabric, which gives certain breathability and comfort. To create an everyday simple and elegant look, you can wear your matching wedges and put on some minimal jewellery pieces to achieve that summer look.

2. Printed Cotton Blend Co-Ord Set

This white, sleeveless short shirt cord set for women with a flared ruffle sewn into the waistband is a great choice for a lively and carefree summer look. The pants of this co-ord set are very comfortable and well-fitted for an effortless look. The set's printed pattern gives it a vibrant touch that makes it ideal for picnics and afternoon excursions. To get that carefree and fun look, add a pair of sandals and a straw hat to finish the ensemble for a sweet summertime feel.

3. Self-Woven Kantha Cotton Co-ord Set

This unique co-ord set is for those who like to make a statement and maintain their classy charm. This purple co-ord set has 3/4th sleeves and a sophisticated cut that screams modern elegance. The self-woven Kantha design gives the outfit a distinctive texture, elevating it to a standout item for your summer wardrobe. Wear these types of cotton printed tops and bottoms with block heels and eye-catching earrings for a trend-forward appearance.

4. Printed Cotton Blend Co-Ord Set

The set has some of the most striking prints that will make people ask you, “Is this a new outfit?” every time you wear it. This versatile short kurta in a brownish tint with 3/4 sleeves and a traditional shirt collar is a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Due to its earthy tones and classic pattern, it's a classic choice for semi-formal and informal events. Wear it with a crossbody bag and strappy sandals for a carefree yet stylish summertime look.

5. Printed & Embroidered Cotton Co-ord Set

The light blue colur itself makes you feel cool and comfortable whenever you are going to wear this co-ord set. This blue co-ord set combines elegance and vibrancy with its trendy design and yellow prints. It's suitable for celebrations outdoors or nighttime get-togethers because of the classy touch that the beautiful embroidery brings. For a more sophisticated summer look, finish the look with delicate jewellery and stilettos

6. Self Design Cotton Blend Co-ord Set

You can get into this set whenever you feel lazy but still want to wear something stunning. This set, which has 3/4-length sleeves and a princess line frill connected to the front, adds a feminine touch to the overall look. It is coloured a rich charcoal brown. It is a great alternative for a variety of summer events thanks to its simple yet stylish style. For a trend-forward style, pair it with platform sandals and wide-leg pants.

7. Floral Printed Cotton Pleated Kurta Dhoti Pant Set

This co-ord set would steal the heart of every girl who is looking to add that fun and romantic look to their everyday outfit. This flower-patterned cotton pleated kurta dhoti pant set is a great option for a summertime boho look. The outfit is excellent for outdoor gatherings and beach outings because of the 3/4th sleeves and pleated accents, which lend a romantic touch. Strappy shoes and stacked necklaces finish the rest of the look for a carefree summertime aesthetic.

8. Woven Design Cotton Blend Co-ord Set

A cool addition to your summer wardrobe, this co-ord set with a blue and white striped woven fabric has cut sleeves and a v-neckline with a button and placket. It's the perfect option for daytime excursions or informal get-togethers because of its airy fabric and understated design. Wear it with a tote purse and espadrilles for a casual yet put-together style. This is something which will not only keep you comfortable but also look absolutely dope when styled.


Cotton coordinate sets are the ideal summer wardrobe essentials, balancing style and comfort. This means that any woman who loves to feel comfortable all summer with a touch of style has one answer about what to wear, and that is cotton coordinate sets. A co-ord set can fulfil every stylistically pleasing choice, whether it be through the use of delicate embroidery, fun designs, or solid hues. All co-ord sets are available at Stylum.

For women who are interested in looking put together and stylish without compromising their busy lifestyles this summer, co-ord sets are the go-to option because of their effortless style, versatility, time-saving benefits, comfort, and minimalistic packing advantages. With these adaptable Co-ord sets from Stylum, you can effortlessly and elegantly upgrade your seasonal ensembles while embracing the essence of summer fashion.

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