Cord Set for Women

The On-Trend Essentials: Top 8 Cord Sets for Women

Fashion is a dynamic and ever-evolving realm where trends, style, and convenience intersect to create wardrobe staples. Recently, one outfit that has surely captured the hearts of all fashion-forward women everywhere is the cord set for women. Also known as coordinated sets, these fashionable ensembles have become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.

We at Stylum believe in creating trending ensembles that fulfil modern women's wishes. As the popularity of cord sets increases, we have introduced some of the best cord sets for all sizes to our collection. Whether you're heading to a casual brunch or a sophisticated evening out, these sets from Stylum promise to keep you looking effortlessly stylish. Now, let's dive into the world of coordinated fashion.

The Best Picks From Stylum's Cord-Sets Collection:

1. Ethnic Motif Printed Purple Rayon Co-ord Set

Summers are all about fresh colours, and here we have this super unique and beautiful rayon cord set in our collection. This classic purple-hued cord set is crafted using premium rayon fabric that makes it super comfortable to wear in all seasons. The halter neck style and keyhole buttons on the back speak for its visual appeal. This is one perfect co-ord set that you can wear to your college, work, or any casual gatherings. Pair it with your favourite footwear and bag for a polished look.

2. Women's Printed Rustic Cotton Blend Co-Ord Set

How about enjoying a modern ethnic look? If yes, then get your hands on our very beautiful Printed rustic co-ord set crafted in premium cotton blend fabric. This co-ord set is a fashionable pick that will elevate your style game. The unique ethnic motifs print, mandarin collar, and shell buttons on the front placket make this cord set perfect for special occasions. The wide-legged palazzo pants give you a snug and comfortable fit. So, add this stunning co-ord set to your wardrobe today!

3. Plus Size Women's Woven Design Pink Cotton Co-ord Set

For all the pink-loving women out there, we have this beautiful plus-size woven design cotton cord set in our collection. We believe in size inclusivity, and hence, our plus-size cord-sets collection is here to impress. This beautiful pink-hued plus size cord set features a cotton short top with puff sleeves and boasts stunning embroidery detailing. It comes in 3 XL to 6XL sizes to cater to all plus-size women. Pair this beautiful co-ord set with your favourite accessories, and boom, you are ready to turn heads.

4. Plus Size Self-Woven Kantha Blue Cotton Cord Set

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with our Plus Size Self Woven Kantha Blue Cotton Cord Set. This exquisite ensemble features a beautifully woven kantha design, adding a touch of traditional artistry to the soft and breathable cotton fabric. Most people might not know but kantha is an age old weaving pattern that is quite popular nowadays. The serene blue hue complements all skin tones, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Designed with plus-size figures in mind, this set offers a flattering fit that embraces your curves while ensuring ease of movement.

5. Women Floral Printed Violet Rayon Co-ord Set

Another favourite pick from our collection is the floral printed co-rd set crafted in rayon fabric. This beautifully crafted cord set is perfect for individuals who love to blend comfort with style. Crafted with soft and breathable rayon fabric, this set offers a lightweight feel that drapes beautifully on every body type. The unique and delicate floral prints exude a fresh and feminine charm that makes you stand out on every occasion. The best part? It is one such outfit that you can wear to almost any event. Going for a special party? A lunch date or simply for work, this cord set caters it all. Just pair it with your favourite bag and footwear to ace the perfect look!

6. Women's Tropical Printed Rayon Peach Co-ord Set

During summer, sometimes we want to enjoy our time on the beachside, and we want to wear something that is super comfortable. So, how about embracing the vibrant tropical vibes with this cute printed peach-hued co-ord set? This co-ord set features a jungle theme printed over it and has a classic collar shirt with printed pants. Whether you are heading out for a shopping spree or a day out at the beachside with your friends, this cord set makes you stand out any time of the day!

7. Stylum Women's Printed Rayon Pink Cherry Co-ord Set

Another great co-rd set you can add to your wardrobe is this beautiful sleeveless short top and trousers set. Featuring a unique paisley print and embroidery, this cherry pink co-ord set is your ultimate ensemble to showcase your unique sense of style. Featuring a comfy fit, this versatile and trendy co-ord set is perfect for casual events and special gatherings. Pair it with matching footwear, accessories, and a bag to give it your absolute best look. So, it's time to flaunt that fashion-forward look with our stunning pink cherry cord set.

8. Stylum Woven Design Cotton Blend Black Co-ord Set

Last but surely not least, our black cotton blend co-ord set is a not-to-miss ensemble. We all know how black is a common favorite colour amongst everyone and this co-ord set is here to fulfil that choice for you. This gorgeous and stylish cod set features a sleek black woven top with comfortable strap leaves that give it a modern visual appeal. Crafted in high-quality cotton blend fabric, this co-ord set ensures a soft and breathable feel against your skin. Perfect for both office and casual gatherings, this black co-ord set is the go-to outfit for those days when you just can't decide what to wear.

Final Words!

In conclusion, these are the top cord sets for women from our collection, which are true essentials for every woman's wardrobe. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to provide a flattering fit while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. With their timeless appeal and practical elegance, Stylum's cord sets are a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and contemporary style.

We at Stylum ensure to offer our customers a variety of options not just for cord sets but also for cotton printed tops, suit sets, dresses, and more. Visit our website, explore the magnificent selection of cord sets, and elevate your everyday fashion game.

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